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A Czech Republic mobile phone company enters the US market


Dolphin Global Technology Solutions, a Naples based digital communication solutions company,  recently signed an exclusive partnership agreement with MicroMedia, a Czech Republic developer and aggregator of content for mobile phones, to provide mobile solutions for the US market.

MicroMedia started developing mobile products and applications in 2002.  They are a custom developer for converting Internet websites to mobile websites, including iPhone and Android. They can convert any type of website to fit all the different cell phone formats.  Once converted, they can develop and manage advertising, discount coupons, ticket sales, etc. - the applications are endless. 

MicroMedia has the advanced technology to manage mobile advertising and marketing campaigns for mobile sites on an extensive IT infrastructure and framework that manages content hosting and customer traffic analysis.  The content management software was developed by MicroMedia to handle all Internet capable mobile devices in the US and is designed for real time customer access to all the traffic data, helping that the customer gain better control of their advertising dollar.

“We are very excited to partner with MicroMedia and offer their advanced technology and service here in the US.  Europe has been way ahead of the US in mobile technologies and applications; it is time to bring that here.” said Mark Cyr, President of Dolphin Global Technology Solutions. “In today’s economy this is a technology and service that can help pull this economy out of the hole. With all the new smart Internet capable phones coming out in the next few months, the need for business to get closer to their customers via the mobile network will be more important than ever. Mobile Internet is definitely in a strong growth phase,” said Cyr.

A whopping 41.9 million people in the US accessed the internet from a mobile device in November according to the Wall Street Journal, growing to 63.2 million in January as reported in Information Weekly, giving credence to the strength of this fast growing new market.

MicroMedia was recently chosen as the official quality assurance testing company for all aggregators and developers that create applications for T-Mobile in the Czech Republic. They are partners with Czech Republic wireless service providers T-Mobile, Vodafone (who owns a large share of Verizon) and O2.  They own and have licenses for extensive mobile content from ring tones to games and have developed mobile applications for many US companies like Disney, Citibank, and Electronic Arts for the Czech mobile market.

A recent Internet to mobile conversion was done for a local Naples artist, Leigh Herndon of Leigh Designs. Here is a good example of the power of conversion for Internet capable phones.  From your phone browser go to www.leighdesignsnaples.com  see how an Internet website designed for a PC, displays on your phone. Close that site, and then type in m.leighdesignsnaples.com to your browser. You will see the converted site has been designed to fit your phone, which makes it easier to read, faster to load and a better mobile experience.

For additional information on mobile conversions or mobile application development e-mail Mark Cyr at mark.cyr@dolphinglobaltech.com or call 239-430-7003. Internet website: www.micromediausa.com  Mobile website: m.micromediausa.com

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